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Food Pantry

Since 2007, the local chapter of ICNA has been in the forefront of serving the most-needy across the Bay Area with nourishing hot meals. The food is cooked fresh in the morning, carefully packed in single serving boxes, and delivered in a truck – equipped with food warmers, to places where the homeless people gather. Once there, it serves as a brick-and-mortar soup kitchen, serving the people with a smile. We call it MERCY ON WHEELS.

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Food Pantry & Health Screenings

Our volunteers gather every other Saturday to serve 700+ needy people. The below diagram provides a visual representation of the overall process from start to finish.

Family Assistance

We provide families with no strings attached charity to cover emergency situations like the one described above. We use zakah funds for Muslim families, and sadaqah for non-Muslims.

ICNA has a thorough application process to quantify a family’s needs, along with how much we can commit to help them out. The general process is:

  1. The applicant fills out an application documenting their situation, needs, income, expense, and so on.
  2. Applicants are called for an interview process where all provided information is verified, and references are requested who can vouch for the need.
  3. After all due diligence is completed, funding is authorized to cover the family’s needs

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Mobile Health Clinic


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Visit our office at: 325 N Third St, San Jose, CA 95112

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