Learn more below about the driving force behind the mission and vision of ICNA Relief’s Back2School Program!


Our Back2School Program aims to make schooling more accessible to students in need and ensure they can excel by providing support to students, parents, and teachers in the form of tools and resources, grants and funding, and educational seminars.


We envision an environment where every child, parent, and teacher in the United States has the tools they need to make schooling a positive and holistic experience as it should be. A country where every student is given an environment to flourish and reach their full potential.



“The impact of poverty on a child’s academic achievement is significant and starts early,” says Jonah Edelman, Ph.D., co-founder, and chief executive officer of Stand for Children, a nonprofit education advocacy organization. “Young children growing up in poverty face challenges with cognitive and literary ability and [often] begin school both academically and socioeconomically behind their peers from higher-income backgrounds” (Taylor, 2017).



Many point to the need for increased funding to attain a good education. But funding does not matter if it does not translate to the right supplies for students. The right supplies:

           • Help Students Feel Prepared
           • Provide Hands-On Learning
           • Foster a Creative Classroom
           • Limit Disruptions
           • Help Students Keep Track of Everything