Enable people to become competent and responsible to lead themselves and their families with Islamic values.

Our Mission

Support and empower individuals, families, and communities to achieve a better life.

People Served through MFS

Number of Clients Counseled

Counseling Hours of Service

Number of ESL Students

Program Objectives

· Help families learn and cope with life’s challenging issues

· Individual, family, and group counseling for depression, anxiety, trauma, and related issues

· Assist refugees in adapting to their new living environment through psychoeducational training

· Coach youth with adjustment issues

· Assist women in trauma and need of social and emotional skills

· Help recovering addicts with drug rehab classes

· Support children in foster care

· Support seniors in need (some regions)

Program Strengths

· Culturally sensitive approach

· Licensed counseling staff and volunteers

· Most staff, volunteers, and interns speak more than one language

· Counseling services are free and available to all

· Online and in-person counseling

· Online and in-person workshops

· Partnerships with important organizations and joint delivery of mental health services

· Mental health booklets and free distribution to create awareness and education

· Booklets include cultural perspectives

FATE (Foster Care)

Established in 2017, aims to provide a safe home for every Muslim child living in the foster care system in the US. Our liaisons connect children in the foster care system to Muslim foster homes and mentors in our communities. The FATE program guides and supports foster families, linking them to the resources on their journey to help children in need. We assist unaccompanied minors in partnership with childcare agencies and provide religious and cultural training services.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are provided by mental health professionals focusing on individual, family, and group counseling addressing depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship, and other issues.