Job Title: Volunteer Manager
Status Part-time
Reports to: IT Sr Manager
Department/Program: IT
Location: On-site & Remote

Essential Responsibilities:


-manage Volunteer System and train staff and implement via ICNA Relief Website.

– Generate new volunteers per chapter by reaching out to MSA’s, YM Groups, Masjids and any other prospective resources for volunteer expansion opportunities. Document all prospective sources and record interactions.  

– Explore, create and document new methods to recruit and maintain volunteers via social media and web promotions

– Educating offices on importance of volunteers, how to capture information from volunteers at  

various events, ie: sign up form that includes numbers and emails. Contacts will be in a group in salesforce and Pardot manage and maintain the volunteer platform and train office on how to effectively utilize the system.

– Create new and different ways to engage volunteers ie: volunteer appreciation, volunteer  

Opportunities, establish several volunteers leads within each chapter and train on processes.

– Explore ways we can enhance the way we capture volunteer information– make sure they sign  

media release and liability  

– Connecting volunteers to their local outreach coordinators by meetings. 


Supervisory Responsibility:

  • N/A


Donor Responsibilities 

– Ramadan donor campaign coordination and management with donor Manager 

– Create retention plan for donors and explore methods of attracting donors.

– Create and execute action plans to obtain new donors 


*Estimated travel: Visit 3-5+ offices per year to aid in volunteer management


Required Skills/Competencies:

  • Excellent Written, Interpersonal Skills & Communication Skills
  • Work independently and effectively in a fast-paced
  • Ability to learn and be proactive
  • Work with minimum supervision



  • Preferred bachelor’s degree
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office
  • Basic understanding of Websites and search engines


Availability M-F 10 AM to 6 AM some weekend work required