Job Title: Outreach Coordinator PA
Classification: Non-Exempt
Status Full Time
Reports to: Area Manager
Department/Program: Revenue and Outreach
Location: On-Site and Field, Pennsylvania

Job Summary:

Outreach Coordinator effectively performs outreach activities and runs programs as per plans and in close coordination and collaboration with the Area Manager; engages, mobilizes and retains existing donors; identifies and encourages new donors, identifies new partnerships and grant opportunities.

Essential Responsibilities:

● Build strategic relationships with community leadership including Masjids, Community Leaders and Organizations
● Increase awareness about the organization and its social work in the local community by running programs and educational presentations at various community events
● Responsible for revenue collection by engaging the existing donors; focuses on identifying and motivating new donors for ICNA Relief; and ensures donor retention
● Follow up with donors via phone, email and in person visits.
● Prepares and submits all necessary reports
● Participate in community groups, steering communities, forging partnerships with supporting organizations and establishing new partnerships
● Perform day to day duties of all the service programs as assigned by the Area Manager and Department Leads
● Responsible for accurate data collection, documentation, record keeping and provide timely reports
● Execute and deliver national campaigns, banquets, fundraisers and other special events of service programs under direction of Area Manager
● Engage needy individuals requiring social service assistance
● Recruit, train, maintain and increase the local volunteer base
● Attend all required company meetings
● Collaborate with related organizational members and their boards
● Respond promptly to all enquiries from donors and potential donors by providing information and promotion materials as required
● Ensure the availability of company’s marketing materials (flyers, posters, banners etc.) at community centers, Masajid, vendors and other places
● Promote and market the organization and its services
● Develop new and creative initiatives to increase revenue
● Produce high quality pictures/videos and client stories from our relief services
● Comply with all operational policies and procedures

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work:

Employee must be available during the core work hours from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., however, with outreach roles, evening and weekend work will be required as an integral part of the job based on the nature of the role and its responsibilities.

Required Education and Experience:

● Undergraduate degree, Graduate degree is preferred
● Two (02) years+ of experience in outreach/social work/marketing/sales/fundraising or event management in the non-profit sector.

Work Authorization:

The candidate applying to join ICNA Relief must have a legal status, social security number and work authorization by the relevant US authorities. The candidate by virtue of applying for this position authorizes ICNA Relief for his/her Background Check, reference check and a Medical Exam on need basis.