Job Title: Food Pantry Assistant/Driver
Classification: Non-Exempt
Status Full-Time
Reports to: Pantry Manager
Department/Program: Hunger Prevention
Location: Onsite


Job Summary:

This position will focus on the day-to-day operations of a specific ICNA Relief food pantry.

The person responsible should work while totally understanding the policies and procedures written by the ICNA Relief director and implement the same.

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Maintain tidiness & cleanliness of the food pantry.
  • Based on the guidelines provided, place food items in their respective racks.
  • Keep a strong vigil for the presence of pests (rats, roaches & other bugs) inside the food pantry, and immediately take corrective actions to rectify it. Report to the authorities if any droppings or remnants of bugs, pests like rats are found in the pantry.
  • Work with the local volunteers in the packing and distribution of food.
  • Will be reasonable for driving Food Pantry truck for delivery and pickup.
  • Follow the food pickup schedule.
  • Drop off food for those families who have no means of transportation.
  • Communicate the client’s problems to the pantry manager.
  • Must wear proper attire during food pickup and drop (Back support, gloves, shoes etc)
  • Need to understand and implement the instructions sent by higher authorities


Position type /Expected Hours of Work

Must be available during the “core” work hours of 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Occasional evening and weekend work may be required if job duties demand.


Required Education and Experience:

  • Experience of working for a food pantry, bank and or storage.
  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Good communication skills are important
  • Ability to lift a maximum of 50 lbs and climb ladders.
  • Must be able to communicate in English.
  • Ability to comprehend and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions of policy and procedure manuals
  • Ability to communicate effectively with employees/clients of the organization.
  • Ability to apply common sense to carry out instructions
  • Should be modestly dressed.
  • Must be able to drive a truck (overnight to other states if needed).
  • Must have a good driving record.


Work Authorization:

The candidate desiring to be hired by ICNA Relief must have a legal status, social security number and work authorization by the relevant US authorities. The candidate by virtue of applying for this position authorizes ICNA Relief for his/her Background Check, reference check and a Medical Exam on need basis.