Job Title: Counselor MD
Classification: Non-Exempt
Status Part Time
Reports to: Regional Director
Department/Program: Maryland
Location: On-Site

Counselor Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Counselor, or Mental Health Counselor, works with patients to help them overcome and manage different mental and emotional challenges. Their duties include meeting with patients to listen to their problems, diagnosing their mental or emotional disorder and building treatment plans and coping strategies for the patient to follow.

Counselor duties and responsibilities

Typical duties and responsibilities as a Counselor include:
•           Perform initial evaluations of client needs and develop customized treatment plans.

  • Educate staff and clients on stress and trauma coping mechanisms.
  • Provide individuals with the resources they need to reach personal goals.
  • Monitor client progress and modify their treatment plans as needed.
  • Coordinate with social and medical agencies, healthcare providers and community outreach programs to provide clients with needed services.
  • Having set 2 days in the office for overseeing the clients in person from ICNA Relief office.


Complete continuing education courses to maintain State Certified Counselor certification and stay up to date on the latest practices.

Counselor skills and qualifications

A successful candidate will have the following minimum skills and qualifications needed for the job as Counselor:
•           Excellent communication skills

  • Ability to empathize with clients
  • Ability to consider internal and external resources to develop a client treatment plan
  • Willingness to work on-call or at a sudden notice

Organizational skills

Counselor education and training requirements

The education and training requirements of a Counselor must meet company, state and local regulations. At a minimum, a candidate should possess a master’s degree in psychology, or counseling and either possess or be able to obtain a National/State Certified Counselor certification prior to employment.

Counselor experience requirements

Counselors may need experience writing assessments and reports to monitor client progress, working directly with clients or patients in an office or hospital setting or gaining experience as an intern under another Counselor. Any relevant experience working with people one-on-one is a plus.