There are many myths when it comes to understanding homelessness. The truth is that anyone can end up on the streets – even you or I. This Giving Tuesday, you can give back by sponsoring winter essentials for the homeless.

Sponsoring a box of winter essentials on Giving Tuesday will help one person receive: gloves, a hat, a scarf, a blanket, a coat and socks.

Reap Spiritual Rewards

We do not have to wait until Ramadan to do good deeds and serve others. ICNA Relief values sincerity, sacrifice and service 365 days of the year and your donations allow us to continue to help others.

Protect the Most Vulnerable in our Communities

Most of us do not experience the conditions of a homeless individual for an extended period of time. When you are cold, unrested and hungry, it is difficult to focus on the things that can change your situation, much less when you are on the street and worried about lonliness, keeping kids alive and sheltered and so many other things. Often, the smallest things can make the biggest difference.

Proven Mental and Health Benefits when Helping Others

There’s a reason it feels so good to do something nice for others. Research shows that there are both mental and physical health benefits for individuals who give back and operate from compassion. Improve your health while improving the quality of life for another with something as simple as a coat or scarf.