Would you like to conduct a food drive for ICNA Relief? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place and we couldn’t be happier! We welcome all options whether it’s a monthly food drive  or an annual one or one in between.  Hunger in the United States is often hidden in plain sight. Every donation you make to ICNA Relief reaches a family who is so grateful for your generosity.  ( Video courtesy NIFB, Video has thousands of views provided by The Marketing Heaven)

Here is our suggested plan. Tweak as needed! 

Decide What Kind of Event You’d Like to Hold

  1. List of foods needed.   10 lbs Rice, 5 lbs: Flour, 4 lbs each: Lentils, Sugar, Pasta, Oil 48 oz ( 2 bottles), Pasta Sauce and Chick Peas/Garbanzo Beans ( 2 x 28 oz each), Tea bags ( 100 count box)
  2. Decide frequency – weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually.
  3. Decide a date to assemble the food boxes.
  4. Decide: Do you want your community to bring in-kind donations or cash and checks, or online donations, or all options. Our official financial contribution requested is $50/box.
  5. Decide: Do you want to have a drop box placed on site leading up to the day of the event or donations brought to a one-day event? Ask ICNA Relief for a collection box, if needed.
  6. Decide how often, and when, the collection box will be emptied and by whom and where food will be stored, if needed.
  7. Ask ICNA Relief to suggest vendors for bulk purchases and an ICNA Relief sales tax-exempt letter, if needed.

Secure Masjid/School/Youth Group/Scouts Troop Permission If Collaborating

  1. Secure masjid/school/scouts troop/youth group permission in writing. Mention clearly that the food drive and financial donations are for ICNA Relief.
  2. For on-site food packing events, secure masjid permission in writing allowing ICNA Relief to have a table with fliers, donation box, and banners on site.
  3. Secure permissions for the announcement at masjid during salat, events and via e-news, social media, WhatsApp, website, calendar of events and etc.

Schedule Dates

  1. Schedule dates to receive packing supplies & T-Shirts from ICNA Relief, if needed.
  2. Schedule time/dates for ICNA Relief truck to pick up food. Two weeks notice required.


  1. Create a flier listing food needed, event date, time, venue, contact email and phone number, dollar value of checks/online donations being accepted, if any, and your logo.   
  2. ICNA Relief logo must appear on all materials. All announcements must mention the words “ICNA Relief”.
  3. Create a Facebook Event page and social media/ what’s app posts. Let  ICNA Relief know so we can share it as well.
  4. Provide content for announcements to your masjid/khateeb/etc.
  5. Publicize the event at Masjid during salat, Sunday school, after-school programs, masjid events and via masjid e-news, social media, WhatsApp, website, calendar of events and etc.

Assemble Food Boxes

  1. Recruit volunteers to help you execute the event and lift/load the donations into the ICNA Relief Truck. Our average food box is 45 pounds.
  2. For food packing events, indicate how many ICNA Relief T-Shirts and sizes needed. First 10 T-Shirts free. $5 for remaining T-Shirts ordered. Two weeks notice required.
  3. Each sealed box should include all the list of products/quantities requested. Rice bags can be stored separately.