In the community of Glendale Heights, IL, there is growing need for a shelter home and ICNA Relief has taken action and purchased a building to fulfill this need. A balance of about $117,000 is still left to reach to be able to pay off the building on time. Support homeless sisters in need for a place to turn that will also help them get back on their feet. Help us reach our goal of $117,000 today!

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Is there really a need for another Muslim shelter home? YES THERE IS!
Zahida (name changed to protect identity) found herself divorced and homeless, in her sixties. When she was referred to us she didn’t have an income, didn’t speak English, didn’t drive and had no family to call her own. Once accepted as a resident of our current, much smaller shelter in Illinois, she was selected for case management. Not only was she provided ESL and car driving lessons by our mentors, but ICNA Relief staff also helped her find employment.  MashaAllah! How very different this story may have ended if ICNA Relief didn’t have a transitional shelter and case management services in place, during her darkest hours.

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