1.8 Million

People Served Through Our Programs

25 Transitional Homes

So our Muslim sisters can have dignity and a roof for their children while getting back on their feet.

46 Food Pantries

One in six American children have food insecurity, and we should not let that happen.

11 Resource Centers

To aid new refugees, and the families who need it
most, through resources, assistance, and education.

7 Health Clinics

Free health clinics and fairs for the uninsured.

4 Mobile Clinics

To aid the people in the communities who need it.

36 Donated Vehicles

Facilitating the success of our clients.

An Unprecedented School Year

Our 11th year distributing backpacks and supplies to refugees and the underserved, we decided to give back to parents and teachers. We have an education grant and a bi-weekly self-care parenting group.


Children Received Backpacks


States Across America


EMPOWER Grant Recipients



Total Value of Food Distributed


Individuals Served


Hot Meals & Food Boxes Distributed



Hunger Prevention

Doorstep deliveries, food distributions, and open pantries to ensure no one goes home empty, especially during hard times like now.

Telemedicine & More

We are here for the uninsured who need someone to care. Our free health clinic are operating with safety measures even through this pandemic. We are continuing to have pop up health fairs to ensure our neighbors are taken care of.

COVID & Counseling

Our counselors have switched to tele-therapy and Muslims Family Services is here to aid new refugees, and the families who need it most, through resources, assistance, and education.

ICNA Relief's Maryland Transitional Home

It's our 23rd Transitional Home!

A safe space for women and children with resources to get them to self-sufficiency.

Laura Left Us A Mess

Our Disaster Response team is assisting current survivors. Watch our videos to learn more.

“Those who spend their money in the night and in the day, secretly and openly, they will have their reward with their Lord, there is no fear over them nor will they grieve.”

[Quran 2:274]