Women's Shelters

We offer an alternative for homeless women in need of temporary housing. ICNA Relief maintains the dignity of residents while affording them the opportunity to heal and develop themselves within a nurturing environment. Women are provided with one-on-one support while they transition to permanent stable housing. 

Many of the women who come to ICNA Relief for supportive housing have experienced emotional abuse as well as neglect and are underemployed or unable to obtain affordable housing. ICNA Relief offers them a hand up while they work towards obtaining a goal of self sufficiency.

Trained case managers work with residents in identifying areas of growth and link them to appropriate community resources such as public benefits, legal and immigration support, mental health services and healthcare. While residing at ICNA Relief, women are encouraged to take part in educational classes including; English language skills, job training and/or higher education. Residents welcome this time to develop the skills needed to obtain a higher level of employment.

Services Provided:
Emotional Healing
Action Plans & Goal Setting
Personal Development
Case Management
Access to Services & Benefits

Success Stories: A Testimony To An Efficient Project

“I had reached such a level of frustration and hopelessness in my life that I

was at the verge of suicide. I was without  family and had no place to go. Being introduced to ICNA Relief Supportive Housing was a turning point in my life. Alhamdulillah, now I am happily married.”

“I pray that no Sister goes through the tribulation I faced as a young woman raised in a non-practicing Muslim household. ICNA Relief became a beacon of light for me.”

“After returning from active duty in Iraq, I found myself on the street, emotionally distressed. ICNA Relief gave me a place to live and put myself together in order to become an IT professional today.”


  1)  Annaheim, CA
  2)  Atlanta, GA
  3)  Baton Rouge, LA
  4)  Boston, MA
  5)  Chicago, IL
  6)  Detroit, MI
  7)  Houston, TX
  8)  Jamaica, NY
  9)  Kansas City, MO
10)  West Palm Beach, FL
11) Orlando, FL
12) Phoenix, AZ

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