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Funeral Assistance Program

ICNA Relief USA has created a  funeral (Janaza) fund to help support low-income families who need assistance in an already painful situation. Funeral services can be costly and not all families can manage the necessary expenses when a loved one suddenly passes away. ICNA Relief has put together resources to help guide Muslim families to religiously-sanctioned funeral services in addition to helping them by lightening their financial burden.

The Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) said,

"A Muslim has five rights upon other Muslims: responding to his Salam, answering his invitation (to food), making Tashmeet when he sneezes, visiting him when he is sick, and following his Janazah when he dies." (Bukhari and Muslim)

Please  Donate Generously to the ICNA Relief Janaza Fund. Help Preserve the Dignity of Our Muslim Brothers and Sisters as they Transition to the Afterlife.

Send Checks to:

87-91 144th Street,
Jamaica, NY 11435
Phone: 718-658-7028
Toll Free: 1-866-354-0102

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